I am starting to blog again.  I pretty much wiped out what I had written prior to the present, with the exception of a couple devotions I posted toward the end of 2012.  For now I've chosen to focus on a series I wrote for the front of our church's bulletin and never finished.  I'm rewriting the first several devotionals since they're no longer restricted to 250 words.  The series on the book of James will continue until I hear the Lord tell me it is a complete work...which may be next week or maybe next year.  There are two new sections to the devotionals:  1)  Application of God's Word - this is hoping you will take what God is saying and meditate on it further applying His Word to your life; and 2)  Personal Matters - where I attempt to apply what God is saying to my personal life and where it gives me an opportunity to be more vulnerable.  I've changed my blog several times over the past few years trying to find the right fit.  I enjoy writing devotionals so hopefully, for now anyway, it is a good fit. 


I am a Christian.  My definition of Christian is one who has prayed and asked Jesus Christ to be his/her Savior.  He/she has admitted they are a sinner needing a Savior.  They know Jesus Christ is the Son of God and it's through His death and resurrection on the cross by which they can be saved.  Forgiveness comes from the Father through the shed blood of the Son.

I gave my heart to the Lord Jesus Christ on February 15, 1970.  He radically changed my life and gave me a reason to live.  His love, grace and mercy still overwhelm me after all the years.  I cannot imagine life without Him nor do I want to attempt to live my life without Him.  Unfortunately, I tried that route in the 80's and it nearly destroyed me, my husband and my family.  My greatest peace and happiness comes from an intimate relationship with my Lord.

My husband, Mike, and I have been married since March 19, 1976.  The bottom line is I do not deserve my husband.  It is only through God's incredible grace that I have been blessed with such a husband.  I never truly understand unconditional love until I met my husband.  I don't know that I completely understand it even now but I do have the awesome privilege of living with my husband who still loves me after all these years, even through many painful years where that pain was inflicted by my own selfishness.  Mike Hofer is truly a saint and an incredible blessing from God.

We have two wonderful adult children, Mike (Farah) and Christy.  They are incredible children and I can't be more proud of them.  They are hard-working caretakers for their families whom they cherish deeply.  Mike and Farah have blessed us with a delightfully energetic granddaughter, Kira.  Kira is full of life and makes a friend of everyone she meets.  Christy has blessed us with two fantastic grandchildren...Promise Joy who is passionate about Jesus and learning, and cares deeply for the underdog.  Micah, who is all boy, comes up with the funniest expressions (even though he doesn't mean to), and enjoys anything and everything computer.

I wear many hats and sometimes have to look in the mirror to see what "hat" I'm wearing so I'll know what it is I'm suppose to do next.  Mike and I have owned a business, Hofer's Auto Repair, Inc., since January, 1991.  Mike works full-time at the shop.  Christy works at the shop full-time during the day as well.  I work at the shop in the evenings.  In the mornings, I teach a Kindergarten class at The Study.  I also teach elementary Social Studies and then on Thursday afternoons I teacher wherever they need me to teach.  I babysit my grandson, Micah, in the afternoons.

Mike and I (along with Christy and her children) attend The Family Room where we're all involved in some capacity or another.

I enjoy reading, writing, teaching and spending time with the grandchildren.  I am really a stick-in-the-mud type of person and enjoy spending time at home with family.  We have lived in our small home since September, 1980 and I have no desire to move.  We have been with the same pastors (Don & Cheri White) since March, 1985 and I have no desire to look elsewhere for another pastor or church.  I am satisfied with the life, family and friends the Lord has blessed us with, although I am still open to meeting new people and making new friends.  However, history with those who have been in our lives for numerous years means a lot to me.

I am blessed.  God has been faithful and true and I love Him deeply.