Monday, May 8, 2017

God, Can You Hear Me?

(Renamed from "Lost, The Photographer and His Camera)

Intro to Poem

At FaithWriters, ( they give you an opportunity to hone your writing skills through The Writing Challenge. They give you a topic and you may use any genre, within 150-750 words, to write a story. After participating in the Writing Challenge for quite some time, it was getting difficult to come up with original, creative stories. I decided to make a Creativity Box. I divided it into various sections:  main character, point of view, plot, prop, location, audience, and genre. I wrote out index cards for each section. For example, under main character, I might have monster on one card, teacher on the next, sea captain on the next, missionary on the next...well, you get my point.

On this particular assignment, the topic was the word "Hear." I then randomly pulled out the following cards:

main character - photographer
point of view - 1st person
plot - fear
prop - camera (seriously and with great relief, randomly pulled it out)
location - sea
audience - adult
genre - haiku

I was stunned when I pulled out the word "haiku." Yikes. At first I decided to sit out the Writing Challenge for the week but then changed my mind. I wasn't for sure if an epic haiku was really a genre but decided to give it a try anyway. I knew that haikus gave reference to nature in some way. After some research I found out that originally Japanese haikus focused mainly on the weather and seasons. I decided to make an attempt, not only to be faithful to such things as using the correct syllables per line and correct lines per stanza, but to the weather theme too. I wanted to somehow reference the weather or season in each stanza, if at all possible although I wasn't successful every time. The following "epic haiku" is the result of the ideas generated above. Whew! It was no easy task but I believe God guided and anointed my creativity.

God, Can You Hear Me?

Lost on the breezes...
cruel waves toss my boat around
winter on the sea.

My ears are attuned...
to the sounds of frozen howls
blowing through the mast.

"God, can you hear me?"
I cry to mounds of icy
foam lashing the boat.

"God, where are you now?"
I scream at the forlorn depth
where darkness prevails.

The strength of the storm...
building to a wild frenzy
engulfs all my fears.

Nature at its worst...
reveals God as powerful
and mighty in strength.

"Where is God in this?"
I agonize as frigid
waters attack me.

"Use your camera,"
is all I hear from the Lord
upon heightened swells.

I can't fight the deep...
it's too powerful to win
against such a force.

I resign the fact...
God wants me to record death
in this icy sea.

"God, did I hear right?"
I ask Him while giant waves
mount a cruel attack.

The camera's poised...
documenting my final
day on the ocean.

A noise interrupts...
the cold death toll of my soul
as a ship appears.

"How did you find me?
A needle indeed in the
proverbial hay."

Many knowing smiles...
on faces of my heroes
warm my frozen heart.

The strobe of the light...
from the camera flashed bright
through the wintry storm.

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