Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Recalibrating My Motives...Never Mind...You Caught Me Thinking Out Loud Instead

It's time to get back to writing again. It's time to get back to writing again simply because I love to write. I love to express in words what God is doing in my life. I love to express in words what God is saying to me through His Word and through prayer and through the prophetic. And I especially like to connect with children through storytelling. Somewhere along the way I lost the focus of the "why" of it all...simply doing something for the love of it. Getting published, winning contests and challenges (in which I won none of them), and looking for other writers' approval became my focus. As a result, since I didn't receive the high accolades I desperately sought, I began to questions my abilities and doubt my dreams of being a writer. That doesn't mean I won't pursue some of those endeavors again but I want to do it for the right reasons. I do plan on finishing the three book proposals I've been working on for the past few weeks. However, God reminded me that all I need is His approval...focusing on Him and bringing Him glory is more than enough. He's recalibrating my motives right now. That's a good thing. Maybe one of these days I'll be a published author, maybe I won't. Either way it's okay as long as my Lord and Savior is glorified through the stories I write.

You know, I may just toss those book proposals in the trash and share with you right here on my blog some of the stories I've written...lay aside the book of James for now (haven't thought about it in months anyway) and have some fun. How can these stories bring God glory if I don't share them? Okay, I've just talked myself into doing something crazy...I'm going to forget about being published...forget about being a world famous author...forget about the millions I would have made from my children picture books. I'm going to share my stories with all fifteen of you (that's how many followers I have...fairly pathetic in the world's view of things but, hey, as long as it glorifies the Lord...I'm totally cool with it...although more of you can sign up as followers...hint, hint. ) You'll need to get in your "kid" groove since most of what I'm going to share for awhile is written for children. I want to have fun again.

This blog was going to be about recalibrating my motives as a writer. Instead, you caught me thinking out loud. It sure didn't go the direction I expected although it most certainly went the direction the Lord willed it to go. Let's have some fun. Will you join me?

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